Escape Rooms Now Open in Northwest Arkansas

August 17, 2015
Have you heard of or played the new trend sweeping the nation? Modeled after online escape rooms, live escape rooms are interactive games designed for small groups, where you and your team are “locked” in a room and must use clues to escape within one hour. The challenge also requires your group to work together for success.

While young kids may find it boring, pre-teens and up are likely to enjoy becoming a detective for an hour. Rooms change after a few months so that you can do it all over again. Designed for groups of two to 10 people, these live escape rooms are popping up across the nation and now in Northwest Arkansas.
Fayetteville_Ozark_Escape_Cold_CaseIn Fayetteville, the first venue of this kind to open was Ozark Escape in mid-July. It has three rooms of various sizes, each with its own theme, and a Game Master tracking your progress. You must find hidden objects or special compartments, solve puzzles, figure out clues, and other challenging, hands-on experiences.  There might be math, music, or logic puzzles but more importantly, you must work together.  It’s located just off Dickson Street in the Metro District.  509 W. Spring Street, Suite 140; 479-841-0013;
Fayetteville_NWA_Escape_Room_SherlockedOpening Aug. 1, the NWA Escape Room offers two different rooms, each with a different scenario. It’s a place to free your inner sleuth and come face to face with a plethora of clues that will lead you on a live action adventure like no other. Your detective side will be activated as you solve intellectual puzzles, piece together small tidbits of intelligence, uncover secret mysteries, and race against the hourglass. 2140 N. College Ave; 479-466-3555;
by Jill Rohrbach

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